1500 Ocean Club Condos             ($300s - $600s)
Admiralty Towers Condos             ($300s - $400s)
AQUAZUL  Condos                    ($1.2 M  -  $3.5M)
Atlantic Beach Villas                   ($400s  -  $800s)
Bermuda House Condos            ($300s  -  $400s)
Breakers Condos                        ($100s  -  $300s)
Century Plaza Condos               ($300s  -   $600s)
Claridge Condos                         ($300s  -  $600s)
Corniche Condos                        ($900s  -  $1.3M)
Crane Crest  Condos                  ($200s  -  $300s)
Cristelle Condos                           ($1M     -  $5M)
Cristelle Cay  Condos                 ($1.2M  -  $3.5M)
Criterion Condos                            ($600s  -  $1M)
Europa By The Sea Condos            ($1M   -  $4M)
Fountainhead (55+) Condos         ($200s  - $500s)
Hampton Beach Club Condos      ($400s  - $1.2M)
Luna Ocean Residences             ($300s -  $700s)
Ocean Colony Condos                ($200s -  $400s)
Ocean Heritage Condos              ($300s -  $500s)
Ocean Monarch Condos              ($200s  - $500s)
Ocean Place Condos                   ($200s - $500s)
Ocean  Sounds Condos                ($200  - $400s)
Oriana By The Sea                        ($1.2M  - $3M)
Pompano Aegean  Condos           ($200s - $500s)
Pompano Atlantis  Condos          ($200s - $500s)
Renaissance Condos                  ($300s  - $1M+)
Royal Coast   Condos                   ($200s - $500s)
Sea Monarch Condos                    ($200 - $600s)
Sea Ranch Club Condos              ($200s - $1M+)
Silver Thatch Ocean Condos       ($200s - $600s)    
Sonata Beach Club Condos        ($600s - $1M+)
Starlight Towers Condos              ($200s - $300s)
Tiffany Gardens  Condos              ($200s - $500s)
Villas By The Sea                         ($400s - $1.5M)
The Wittington   Condos               ($500s - $1M+)

Pompano Beach Waterfront & Oceanfront Condos For Sale                            (Includes Lauderdale By The Sea) 


Pompano Beach Oceanfront & Waterfront Condos for sale:

​The Pompano Beach Oceanfront & Waterfront Condos for sale offer  a combination of luxury, location, value, security, affordability and quality of lifestyle. 

Whether you are looking for Pompano Beach Oceanfront, Intracoastal, or a Garden-style Condo, Pompano Beach has something to offer for everybody. Pompano Beach has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and you are close to shopping and dining. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence or a vacation home, Pompano Beach oceanfront condos for sale offer amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

POMPANO BEACH Garden, Patio and Pool View  CONDOS

Pompano Beach area condos are some of the best values in South Florida .

POMPANO BEACH Oceanfront Condos

Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos are close Shopping and Dining, and very affordable...

POMPANO BEACH Intracoastal & Waterfront Condos

Pompano Beach Intracoastal Condos offer some of the best waterfront views in the world, and are very affordable...

Pompano Beach Oceanfront & Waterfront Condos For Sale

Most of the Pompano Beach Oceanfront & Waterfront Condos for sale offer a variety of amenities such as luxurious oceanfront or waterfront pools, spas, saunas, BBQ and picnic areas, exercise rooms, billiards, shuffle board, tennis courts, not to mention the beach which is located literally within a hundred feet of the back doors of most of the Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos. Covered parking and building security is available in most of the Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos for sale. Most Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos for sale offer views of the ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway, the City of Fort Lauderdale, or a combination of these beautiful sights.   

Buyers and Sellers Categorize Pompano Beach Oceanfront & Waterfront Condos For Sale By their Views

Each Pompano Beach Oceanfront or Waterfront Condo For sale offers its own unique amenities and attributes. The Unit’s View is often time the main determining factor, and the options to consider are Direct Ocean Views, Ocean Views, Intracoastal Views, and Garden, Patio and Pool Views. Some listings can be tricky the way they are worded, so be careful to read each listing and ask a lot of questions about the views and any obstructions.

Oceanfront Pompano Beach Condos For Sale

A majority of the Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos for sale allow all owners the benefit of enjoying one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, at affordable prices. Most of the condominiums have a view of the ocean, and some offer views of the surrounding Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, and Fort Lauderdale areas, as well as the famous Intracoastal Waterway.  The buildings offer first class amenities, and some offer a little bit of luxury,  like services such as valet parking, and air conditioned storage.  There are only a limited number of Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos for sale, and when they become available, they do not last very long…  

Direct Ocean View Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos For Sale

There is nothing that compares with a Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condo for sale that has a direct ocean view with no obstructions. These Pompano Beach Condos For sale have direct ocean views from the main living areas of the units, and have balconies that make the experience even more enjoyable. This is sometimes known as the “WOW” factor… In some buildings every Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condo For sale will have a direct ocean view, with the only differentiating factor being the height or floor of the unit, which is a matter of personal preference. Some of the Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condo Units are “Through Condo Units”, meaning that the unit extends all the way through the building and offers views of both direct ocean views (to the East)  and views  to the West which may also include views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Direct Ocean view Pompano Beach Condos that are on the corners of their buildings offer not only direct ocean views, but also offer views of the shoreline and Downtown City Skylines (the City of Fort Lauderdale)  to the South, and the Lighthouse (in Lighthouse Point) and beautiful shorelines to the North.

Ocean View Pompano Beach Condos For Sale

Many buildings that have Pompano Beach Oceanfront Condos for sale offer a combination of views which may include a view of the ocean which is not direct, but rather you must be standing on the balcony, or there may be a partial obstruction such as having to look in between buildings. This may be a matter of degree, but owners can still enjoy the pleasure of an ocean view from their unit. Sometimes the view of the ocean may not be from a portion of the unit, but may be from another area within the unit. Other units are known as Ocean view  units even though they may be on the side of a building or even be across the street from the ocean, as long as they  still have a view of the ocean.