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It is a fact that over 90% of buyers and sellers use the internet to assist with buying and selling their homes.  Leading-edge tech tools allow our team to understand the buyers’ attraction to (and reliance on) the Internet as the perfect research tool, and to use this advantage to your benefit.  To ensure that your home is effectively marketed and exposed to this growing population of iBuyers, we use a multitude of resources to market, display and promote your property.Our web presence allows our marketing to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We partner with Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS), which allows your property to be fed to more than 350 online search engines that are available on KW's Web network of more than 76,000 sites. This is in ADDITION to your property to be listed on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which can be viewed by buyers across the world. This also allows your property to be seen on Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and Homes.com.In the fast paced world we live in today, buyers (consumers) want information, they want to compare, and they will make a decision based on receiving trustworthy and reliable information that meets their specific buying criteria. Our goal is to get that information to your buyers.   All properties that we list are immediately promoted on local and regional MLS services, which information can be accessed by any real estate agent across the country. Your listing will be promoted with  photos, virtual media, slide shows and virtual tours, printable flyers, mapping tools, and comparison data. By immediately listing your property on the MLS, your property will also be promoted by Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and Homes.com. Your home or condo WILL appear as searches are made by iBuyers going to Google!!! 
Marketing Plan  
Our goal for you is to generate and capture the maximum exposure for your home or condo in the shortest period of time. An individualized Marketing Plan will be developed for you, which will include strategically sending promotional materials to buyers, agents, and investors; pricing your home based on current market and price trends; developing specific  target markets including direct mail campaigns, email campaigns and social media;  and discussing showing and staging your home.
Agent & Broker Networking
​We will immediately expose your home or condo to  Real Estate Agents and Brokers through our affiliation with Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS), which in addition to a Nationwide Network of Agents, allows your property to be fed to more than 350 online search engines that are available on KW's Web network of more than 76,000 sites.In addition, our agents interact on a daily basis with Real Estate Agents and Brokers from other companies that network to share information regarding listings, client needs, and available properties. We take advantage of social media, emails, and other technologies to showcase our listings to other Real Estate Agents, who in turn, forward these e-mails to their prospective buyers. 

​As part of your Marketing Plan, we will go over the types of Advertising that will be implemented to market your home or condo. Our goal for you is to generate and capture the maximum exposure for your home or condo in the shortest period of time, and we will implement advertising to market your home or condo through a variety of activities including extensive agent and broker networking, social media, print and web advertising, affiliate agent and broker networks, and direct mail. We place a particular emphasis on the networking skills of our company Real Estate Agents, and their years of professional experience and use the following methods to attract qualified buyers:
Email Marketing
​Using our worldwide network of customers and inquiries, we will develop an email marketing plan which include informative email blasts to thousands of buyers from around the world. This will include other real Estate Agents and Brokers that will assist in marketing your property. Our database will allow us to  market your property to the specific demographic of buyers interested in properties similar yours.
Social Media
Your home or condo will be promoted and showcased through an extensive network of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social media forums. Since our goal for you is to generate and capture the maximum exposure for your home or condo in the shortest period of time, this is a very valuable tool. 
Virtual Media
​Pictures, slideshows, and virtual tours of your home or condo are an excellent way to showcase the special features and value of your home or condo. Potential buyers need to be impressed as they browse different listings, and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so we take this very serious. 
Direct Marketing
Direct marketing, through mail, brochures, announcements and other handouts,  is a very effective method of generating interest in your home or condo among potential buyers. Our  marketing department specializes in the creation of effective and informative marketing materials. Typically these marketing pieces are delivered  to hundreds of homes and condos within close proximity to your property, and to other owners that may own in your area but live elsewhere. We will also mail information to  other Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

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