Island Club condos for sale 

​​The Island Club Condos for sale  Pompano Beach, FL. If you are looking for a condos for sale in the Island Club Condos in Pompano Beach, you will have a variety of floor plans, sizes, locations and views to choose from. The Island Club Condos are located just off of Federal Highway, 7 blocks south of Atlantic Blvd, in Pompano Beach, FL. The area where the Island Club Condos is located is an area where you are close to restaurants, golf, shopping, and many local and civic activities.

These are the addresses of the Island Club Condos:

777 S Federal Hwy, 101-E, 102-E, 103-E, 104-E, 105-E, 106-E, 107-E, 108-E, 109-E, 110-E,111-E

777 S Federal Hwy, 201-E, 202-E, 203-E, 204-E, 205-E, 206-E, 207-E, 208-E, 209-E, 210-E, 211-E

777 S Federal Hwy, 301-E, 302-E, 303-E, 304-E, 305-E, 306-E, 307-E, 308-E, 309-E, 310-E, 311-E

777 S Federal Hwy, 101-F, 102-F, 103-F, 104-F, 105-F, 106-F, 107-F, 108-F, 109-F

777 S Federal Hwy, 201-F, 202-F, 203-F, 204-F, 205-F, 206-F, 207-F, 208-F, 209-F

777 S Federal Hwy, 301-F, 302-F, 303-F, 304-F, 305-F, 306-F, 307-F, 308-F, 309-F

777 S Federal Hwy, 101-G, 102-G, 103-G, 104-G, 105-G, 106-G, 107-G, 108-G, 109-G, 110-G, 111-G, 112-G, 114-G, 115-G, 116-G, 117-G, 118-G, 119-G, 120-G

777 S Federal Hwy, 201-G, 202-G, 203-G, 204-G, 205-G, 206-G, 207-G, 208-G, 209-G, 210-G, 211-G, 212-G, 214-G, 215-G, 216-G, 217-G, 218-G, 219-G, 220-G 

777 S Federal Hwy, 301-G, 302-G, 303-G, 304-G, 305-G, 306-G, 307-G, 308-G, 309-G, 310-G, 311-G, 312-G, 314-G, 315-G, 316-G, 317-G, 318-G, 319-G, 320-G

777 S Federal Hwy,101-H, 102-H, 103-H, 104-H, 105-H, 106-H, 107-H

777 S Federal Hwy, 201-H, 202-H, 203-H, 204-H, 205-H, 206-H , 207-H, 

777 S Federal Hwy, 301-H, 302-H, 303-H, 304-H, 305-H, 306-H, 307-H, 

777 S Federal Hwy,101-J, 102-J, 103-J, 201-J, 202-J, 203-J, 301-J, 302-J, 303J


ADDRESS of  Island Club Condos for sale:  777 S Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33062
YEAR BUILT: ​1972  
Price Range:  $100s -  $300s
SQ FT: 600 - 1200
VIEW: Water/ City
# OF BEDROOMS:  1 & 2
# OF UNITS: 200+
# OF FLOORS: 2-5            PETS PERMITTED: NO
LEASING PERMITTED: Yes with restrictions
AMENITIES: Heated Pools, Community Room, Exercise Room,               Sauna, Library,  BBQ/Picnic Area
SECURITY: Guard Station